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USB-DMX control


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Hi, I've been reading through this thread and need something similar but a little different.


We're putting some LED scanners, LED battens and a Chauvet Mega Moon - a load of club/disco lighting basically - in our small second room. I want to be able to:


1) Program several sequences using these lights into a chase on a dedicated program on a laptop - probably the MagicQ or ENTTEC offerings I've seen on the other thread - through the cheapest USB-DMX dongle that will let me do this (and step 3).

2) Press GO at the beginning of the club night.

3) Disconnect the laptop and take it away leaving the lights cycling through their various lovely sequences.


Is there anything out there (other than the alternative of using a lighting desk..) that will enable me to do that?

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This is exactly what Pulsar's Masterpiece Replay unit is designed for - you can pick up a second-hand example of the 216 version on Ebay for under £200, and get the additional benefit of Pulsar's excellent inbuilt sound to light engine. The unit needs to be programmed from a full-sized Masterpiece desk, but once it's done, you can select each pre-programmed environment with the push of a button. No need for a dongle or laptop.


If you're not familiar with Pulsar's terminology, an 'environment' is a saved combination of channel levels, fixed scenes and scene chases. The replay unit can store 48 environments, and 6 environment chases, so it's a powerful piece of kit.

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Also look at Martin 2510 you can pick up for less the £100 on ebay. what system have you got in other room?


There also DMX Duo by elation for about £125



CPC sells it



But if you have your laptop setup with a contorler and just want to playback what you recoreded plain and simple look at

DMX playback by Enttec


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Hopefully not too off topic...


Does anyone know of any software that will do a DMX store/replay function (preferably using the Enttec boxes?)





These Chaps out in Canada do some really clever stuff with replay units and software. I seem to recall that they have a device that can capture DMX and which relays it back to the PC software. We had them join us on our stand out in Frankfurt last year and I seem to recall that their software will do exactly what you want. Their kit is compatible with any DMX and DMX over Ethernet device (such as the Enttcc stuff) - I don't think it would need an extra device of theirs to interface with. They're a really great bunch of guys and would probably quite happily write exactly what you want into their software. I would recommend talking to Jon, the CEO, who is most friendly and helpful.


Let me know if you have any luck with them!





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DrummerJonny - thanks! That iSplay one looks perfect actually.


Don't think I'll be going with the Pulsar Masterpiece as I ideally want to do this without having to buy or hire a desk.

DMXPen looks good as does the Enttec offering.


Thanks for all the help lads.

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