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Futurelight MH680 Wash Moving head User Man

Ashley R

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was wondering if you help me find a User manual for a Futurelight MH680 (The Wash version of the MH660) ive spent the last 30 mins looking for one, and having capped internet is not helping my search....


Was also after any comments on the MH680, as I'm considering purchasing a bunch. I do realise they are older units, but almost everything in Australia is used until it dies, and then its repaired until it becomes uneconomical.


Thanks Ashley

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Whoopsy, I just realised my mistake, im actually looking for the Futurelight MH-640 User manual...


Thank You Brian for uploading the MH680 user Manual though


And I just solved my own quest within 1 min of googleing, but its in german..... anyone got one in english? http://caronte.gioch...-640%20Wash.pdf

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