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being windows based is there maybe something you can do with remote desktop?


A tec told me he uses a remote-desktop app to control the Jands Vista 2 (in this case the S3) from his iphone. I'm doing a training day with him on the vista soon so will ask him and post back if no one else can advise further.


If true using such an app could be very useful for all manor of PC based LX software

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The tec I mentioned earlier uses splashtop





above is a link for android but as I said he uses apple devices with the same app. Today he was using his ipad but he says it works fine on his iphone. it seams to work very well, you have to install the free software on the computer running the LX software as well.


As it displays the actual screen of the PC and not a mobile phone friendly app it may be a bit of an arse up a ladder as it's not a 'riggers app' with frequently used rigging commands and large buttons. If the LX software can be controlled in a suitably way it could be very useful for lots of computer LX programs.



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