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Unique Smoke machine Thermal trip


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Hello All,

Got a couple of unique smoke machines, the VIPER NT . They have stopped working, trying to find a thermal cut off switch for them as everything else seems to work, cant find one. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong ?


Any suggestions gladly appreciated



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Thermal fuse failure is a fairly common issue in many smoke machines.


If they aren't heating up at all then look for a one-shot thermal fuse which will probably be sleeved in a braided fibreglass sleeve and clamped onto the heater block with some sort of spring clip. It's not uncommon for generic smoke machines to melt their thermal fuse if they are left on for long periods of time. The fuses usually interrupt the heater circuit.


To test the fuse which may look like a small metal tube with a pointy end, just check across it with a continuity tester (with the mains off!). If it's gone open circuit then you MUST replace it with a new one of the equivalent thermal rating which is usually marked on the side of the fuse. They usually have crimped connections, but you can solder them if you take care to clamp the leads in pliers to stop the soldering heat from tripping the thermal link.


If the issue is a thermal fuse and it fails repeatedly then there may be an issue with the thermal regulation circuitry.

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The trip is probably on the top of the heater block - will look like a small sixpence mounted on the heater with a small plastic rod poking out of the top. If you're careful - you can usually just remove a side panel and push it back in with the tip of a screw driver, don't bother trying to listen for a click as it's too small to make any noise as it resets.


Certainly on our Unique hazers the trip faultlessly works if you don't use the power down procedure on the machine which runs the blower to cool the block - with smoke machines the trip mostly goes if the machine is knocked or gently bounced in transit - I haven't yet (crossing my fingers) seen a smoke machine where the trip fails because the block overheats.

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