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steel deck


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Hi Guys


I'm new here so please excuse me if I step out of line.


I was thinking of getting a couple of pieces of steel deck (8x4), as I cant really afford or justify (as it would be going down my lock up to provide extra storage for most of the time) I was looking to buy second hand.


But having looked on the internet and asked a few people I cant find any body who’s getting rid of any, is this a case of people not getting rid of it till it falls apart or am I just looking in the wrong places.


I'm in Kingston upon Thames so I am prepared to go surrey way to collect but not so keen to go other directions (although that all depends on price).


Can any anyone help point me in the right direction?


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Funny you should ask - about 5 minutes ago I noticed someone selling some (1 8x3 and 2 8x2) on Ebay - a bit tatty, but bids currently sitting at a fiver each with a week to go....





These look perfect, I just have to wait and see if the money goes silly.

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