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ermmm FLAMES


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To "add" to a piece I wanted to put some holiday shots and post cards of the locations the show was set in the audience but I dont know if I need to flame proof them as they're not technically props... Would they go under the heading of "programs and fliers" coz they would actually be fliers and programs?


If anyone could gimme a hint, please let me know. :blink:


Thanks, Becks xxxx


P.s. Did anyone see the new "chocolate bomb"... they look fantastic!

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Hi Becks


I think the simple answer is that there is no simple answer.


I'm not aware of anything written down along the lines of 'you can have x% or x sq m of non-flame retarded material...'. There might be something somewhere in some of the general building fire regulations. The best thing to do is risk assess it. How much of an additional risk does it pose?

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I wonder when the audience will have to be tested for flame retardency? Many man-made fibres burn quite nicely  :blink:


you could have a spray booth as you enter the theatre like a decontamination spray :stagecrew:


and as a token sensible answer, I would agree with Brian and say that your good old risk assessment is your friend here. It will at least make you sit down and think about what could happen and the likelyhood of it happening.

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