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Single mic receiver case ideas


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So the last of my mic systems has turned up. That makes it 21 wireless systems in stock. Why the odd number you ask? Well I decided to get an extra receiver and a couple of handhelds as well as the beltpacks. I couldn't run 21 simultaneously but it means I've got a single receiver for simple gigs where I don't want to cart along a rack of 6 systems. I'm thinking band work for a handheld, or dead simple conference/presentation work.


So here's the question. How do I best protect it? There's the pelicase/hard case option where you remove the RX, power supply, aerials and transmitter each time, but it's a bit of a faff, and I always think it looks a bit untidy having individual receivers with wall warts dangling behind the desk. It also isn't the most robust method ever as there's all that removing/putting away, plus it's that little bit more time consuming.


What I'd really like is a 1u high, half rack width case to put the thing in. On the back there'd be powercon in, powercon out, Audio out, 2 x N type RF in's and maybe USB. I realise that's a lot of connectors to fit in a half width, but I think it's doable. I could maybe end up with it being 2u high and put 2 rows, maybe with a ventilation grille as the front blanking plate.

This method keeps the wall wart with the receiver, provides lids to put the small stubby aerials in (with N-TNC adaptors - I'm standardised as N type for all my RF but the supplied aerials are TNC) and I think protects the receiver a lot more.


2 questions really;


What do you do to protect single receivers?


Does anybody know of an off the shelf supplier of half width 1 or 2u cases? If not it might be a custom jobbie!

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Since you are in Leeds... Get in touch with Pro Audio Systems in Bradford. They have just designed and made some really clever cases for the new 2000 series radios they have.


It is a 2u case with powercon in/out and XLR and BNC outs on the rear. It sits inside a briefcase flightcase. With space for handhelds and belt packs. It is full width and not half width but could easily be down scaled to half width.

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In situations like this I've used a 1U rack case with a tray--receiver on one side and blank panel on the other...I've sometimes cable tied the power supply (can't remember if Trantec uses wall warts or not) so there's a standard IEC connection for mains. Usually this leaves room at the back of the case for any cabling you supply as standard.



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Great stuff. Some really good suggestions to follow up there.


That Gator case looks interesting. Doesn't quite do what I wanted in terms of presenting things on a back panel, but it's certainly protective and neat enough. It also holds a beltpack or handheld which is a bonus. Retails at around £60 so not overly expensive either.


Pro Audio Systems are indeed right on my doorstep, so I might give them a bell and see what's on offer. Sounds quite interesting.


A 1u full width case had crossed my mind too. One thing about a single receiver is they're just too narrow to be useful - I mean, when sat on top of an outboard rack they don't give a surface big enough to put anything else on top of (even a script) but they take up valuable space. Far more efficient (in my opinion) to put it in an oversize case and gain back that worktop space. Transit space isn't a massive issue for me, whereas having a neat desk and stack of racks, is. Shame my standard rack supplier doesn't do a 1u rack so they match. Will have to look elsewhere. There isn't masses in the 1u rack case range.


Thanks all

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