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Aero Level-6 coltroller problem


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Please ignore this topic. Fixed! Found that circuit was shorting against casing. Please feel free to remove topic mods :D



Hi All,



Actually, it's worse than the topic description indicates. Channel 5 slider powers both 5 & 6 channels....and Channel 6 slider also powers both 5 & 6 channels!. I obviously suspected the cable initially but problem remains after substituting with a spare cable. The Betapack is also fine (confirmed by setting voltage negative and operating fine with an old Strand controller).


Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem suddenly? I've had good help on here before (now in Wiki) in replacing diodes but am stumped by this one (incidentally all diodes readings seem OK).











Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. what a bad typing day Aero should read Zero and coltroller should read controller in title. Would be grateful if Mod could amend :oops:


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