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Washing Machine


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Hi Guys



I'm been asked to design a washing machine that fall apart which has soap suds coming out before it fall apart.


The washing machine is no problem. it's the soap suds.

Any idea's how to make soap suds and make them run out of the machine?


Any idea's will help








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I have done an overflowing bubbling effect in the past very simply using camping airbed inflator pump blowing air through a hose to the effect- in this case I used a clear fishbowl. On the end of the hose I used an aquarium stone. The bowl then contained a quantity of water with kids bubble bath in. Simply turn on the pump when you want the effect. The pumps tend to be noisy, so this was kept off stage underneath a box and a long hose run out.


I have used a much larger version as a foam machine where the air supply was an compressor and the output was a copper pipe with small holes drilled in. This can be quieter if you charge the tank before the effect and then unplug, you won’t get the pump noise.


For an extreme version- a vacuum cleaner set on blow could work.


For a pic of the mid sized devices, have a look at my website write up.









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Bubble or foam concentrate from disco or SFX suppliers, use an airstone from a fish tank shop -or LOTS of them! loads of air pumps exist including fridge pumps which have a short life when pumping air.


Too much foam will make parts of the stage un-passable due to it's SLIPPERY nature.

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Yep but you get yourself tied in knots with CO2 - the extra risk assessments, storage, handling .... is it really worth the complication. Dry ice is so much hassle for such a short sequence - and depending on where you are, isn't even that easy to source nowadays.
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