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Help to ID a piece of rigging hardware


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Afternoon folks,

Does anyone happen to know the name and manufacturer(s) of the below piece of rigging hardware? Already tried usual suspects (Doughty etc).


Any webpage links would be appreciated.










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I always knew this fitting as Aeroquip, I haven't used it for over 10 years now. I am probably mistaken on the makers name, as a Google search doesn't find it under that name. It is however cargo track or aircraft track as themadhippy says. Adam Hall do a compatible fitting, or the exact same fitting you originally asked about is shown on www.mudstuff.co.uk. http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/Cargo_Tracking_Mac'sTieDowns.shtml



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Here's another link for you: clicky

The photo there seems identical to yours, funnily enough.


Another link for something very similar: Rope Assemblies


Posts crossed. Edit to add:

I always knew this fitting as Aeroquip..

Me too, though I'm no longer sure this was/is correct. At best I think Aeroquip was just one of several very similar brands/products.

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