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Smallish Outdoor PA system


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So, I'm looking at speccing a smallish outdoor PA system.


The Space I'm trying to cover is semi-circular, and about 70' radius. I only really need to cover about 120 degrees of it well. I guess I'm looking at audiences of 400-1000 depending on how popular we are.


Most likely use will be playback from CD/iPod/whatever, but there may be some bands to reinforce too. Immense loudness is not a priority.


Speakers will be flown and under a cover, but we do live in a rainy (and windy) city, so rain-resistance is a factor. We aren't going to leave them out there for weeks on end, but it's possible they'll stay outside over a weekend.


We already have an EAW MK PA in the theatre (which we like) and some little Mackie SRM450s for small gigs around the building (which we also like) as well as an emergency set of JBL EONs (which we do not like...).


Placeholders in the budget right now are EV SX300s with EV subs, driven by QSC amps. (I have a safe and dry amp room to use.) What else should I be looking at? This isn't really my area... I have an Allen & Heath mixwizard placeholding in the budget right now (we have a A&H GL2200 in our theatre which the sound engineer likes very much.)


Total budget is: around $15000CAD for the whole PA (including console, accessories and some mics). It used to be more like $50000 but some bugger spent all the money on benches. I'm trying to salvage something usable out of the wreckage that used to be the budget. Bear in mind that $15000 CAD goes a little further than the equivalent in pounds.



Am I having a laugh?

What products should I look at?

Am I right to worry about the weather issue for the speakers, or are they tougher than I imagine?

Are separate amps & speakers superior for this application, or should I also investigate powered speakers like our SRM450s?

Any additional thoughts?


Thanks all. This lampie needs some help here....

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Being as how you're in the area generically known as North America, you should probably consider Community speakers. I know nowt about them, only that they are very popular speakers for outdoor use amongst the lab community. Even without hearing them though, they can't possibly be worse than Eons :)


If a MixWiz fits your requirements, then its a very sensible solution; the MixWiz is a proper A&H GL type desk, but smaller.

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Given that your out there I would sugest the EV Plastics would do the job niceley provided you wetherproof the cones using a silicone spray, infact any plastic cabs similarly treated should hold up. The community stuff is good to for outside as well. This thread may help http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=48581&st=0&p=403572&hl=weatherproof&fromsearch=1&&do=findComment&comment=403572
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The local receiving house here has a garden area used for some functions and it the EV SX300pi that's used for sound at those events. They seem to hold up well even in the fairly heavy rain we can get here sometimes--our weather is either hot and sunny or raining hard with little middle ground!


Coverage (from memory) is about 65 degrees so a pair should just squeak into your 120 degree spec.


Sound? Well...like an SX300 strangely enough--never going to be my favourite speaker but not overly objectionable either.

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Sorry - should have said, they're SX300Pis in the draft budget.


On of my suppliers is advocating just getting more SRM450s so the stuff from inside will match well - then adding raincovers for the weatherising.


Will also investigate the Zx series.


Another thing mentioned (in a slightly higher price bracket) are the KV2 KX boxes.


Thoughts on those options?

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