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fire proofing/ flame retardant


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Hello all


I am looking for information on regulations for fire proofing set and drapes. I have heard lots of rumours that are beginning to contradict each other so I am looking for the hard and fast rules of what in a theatre must be made flame proof. Is it just canvas set, or wooden set too?


As a bit of background, I work for a brand new arts centre which is a converted grade two listed barn. Obviously the whole building is wood! and I have lots of bits of set that I have no idea if they are flame proof or not, or even if they need to be. I need to know what are the rules on what should be flame proof/ retardant and the best ways of doing it, -sprays or professional treatments.


Any info or pointers to web sites would be fab.


cheers me dears



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Your best source of information is going to be the Yellow book - 'Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment' from the ABTT or etnow.com. You must also talk to your local licencing officer as it has a direct effect on your licence.
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