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Repaired / Refurbished Electronic Ballast.


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Hi folks,


I have a Mac 500E, in which the Schiederwerk EVG 5 Ballast has died. Does anybody know if these can be repaired or will I simply have to swallow hard, (cost a lotta) :blink: and purchase anew.


Many thanks




John Mac.

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Brian is right, Dik Welland is very, very good at repairing anything electronic and one of my mentors from my days as a vari*lite tech so it is worth looking at The lighting hospital and he guarantees his repairs.


For the second hand value of a mac 500 though I would think that price is a bit high to shell out for it to be worthwhile...


Magnetic ballasts would be easier as I have secondhand ones spare and can get new at good prices but electronic ones is where the price goes up - you might be better off getting a repair and I reckon it would be cheaper too...

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