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Hat es hier auch Deutschsprachigie ?


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Hallo allseits...

Wollte hier mal einen Versuch starten und fragen ob es eventuel auch Deutschsprachige Strand User gibt.

Vielleich gibt es ja schon ein anderes Forum das ihr mir empfehlen könnt.

Vielen Dank für die Antworten..


Gruss Erich (STO)

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Hi and welcome to the BR (BlueRoom)


To get a better responce from members, may I sugest that you post your questions in english, as this is a predominatly UK forum, with a sprinkleing of users from all arround the world.


Translated into German useing google translate



Hallo und herzlich willkommen auf der BR (Blueroom)

Um eine bessere Antwort von Mitgliedern, kann ich sugest, dass Sie Ihre Fragen posten in Englisch, da dies ein predominatly UK Forum, mit einer sprinkleing mit Anwendern aus allen rund um die Welt

Übersetzt ins Deutsche mit Google Translate


The original question translated to english useing google translate, dosent quite make sense, but at least its a start, ive edited it a little bit takeing guesses, to make it easier to read, the exact translation erik10_4 has posted.


Hello all sides ...

Wanted to ask a trial start times and whether there are any Strand and German-speaking users

Maybe there's already another forum that you can recommend me.

Thank you for your replies

Greetings Erich (STO


It seems that he has made some spelling mistakes in German, thus throwing the translators off, ive underlined all the meanings and fixes to try and make it easier to understand how I came up with whats above. the bit in italics I have no clue about, and cant guess what its actually meant to mean.

Strand translated means Beach, so changed that back to Strand

Vielleich Missing the t becomes - Vielleicht , goes from meaning many bodies to meaning perhaps

eventuel Missing the 2nd L Becomes - eventuell, goes from jibberish to meaning possibly


Pritty happy with the result, from just useing Google translate, and a little guess work.

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Google translate comes up with......




"Hello all sides ...

Was there even a try and ask whether there are also German-speaking eventuel [*beach] users.

there are many corpses already another forum that you can recommend me.

Thanks for the replies .. greeting Erich (STO) "




Think it may have lost something in the translation but OP seems to have posted before and been rebuffed.

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Es gibt ein paar von uns hier die schon Deutsch sprechen, aber wir kennen uns nicht unbedingt mit Umstaenden in deutschsprachigen Laendern gut genug aus, um Themen, die laenderspezifisch sind aufzugreifen (d.h. VDE-Regeln, BGV-Vorschriften, usw.). Wenn Du wirklich fragen zu einem Strand-pult auf Deutsch stellen willst, kanst Du mir ja eine PM Schicken (Privat-mail- Funktion ist Teil Deines Profils), da die allgemeine Forum-Sprache Englisch ist und es keinen Sinn macht, posts auf Deutsch fuer andere Mitglieder, die kein Deutsch sprechen, stehen zu lassen.



Translation- Mods, this is just so people don't feel obliged to abuse Google translate as horribly.


There are actually few of us here who do speak German, but we are not necessarily as familiar with circumstances in Gemrnay to be able to answer country-specific questions (such as VDE wiring rules or lifting regulations according to BGV, etc.). If you really want to ask questions about a Strand console in German you can send me a PM (Priavte Mail- function is part of your profile), as the general forum language is English and there is no point in letting posts in German stand for other members who don't speak it.

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