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LED par56 with muddled colour channels


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I've got a number of Stairville 24x1W par 56's and I noticed over the weekend that number 6 has its green and blue channels muddled up, green when blue selected, and vice versa.

All heads are patched using the generic 3ch RGB personality on MagicQ so I know they are all patched the same (deleted and repatched just to be sure!)


I've not looked inside yet, but could this be a simple fix to swap over? I'm not bad with a soldering iron. Any tips or experience of working on these appreciated.

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If they're the same as mine, you'll probably not need the soldering iron.


Undo the 3 (IIRC) bolts on the LED panel, and you'l find 3 wires with inline fuse holders & one common return. You should just need to swap the ones with the fuse holders around. One of mine came with red & blue swapped.

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