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Low Impedance and 100v line


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Hi all,


I have recently acquired 2x JBL Control 25s (8ohm) and 2x JBL Control 23Ts (100v). I would like to run the 23Ts off an '8 ohm' amplifier along with the 25s, as the cable run to the 23s doesn't really warrant a dedicated 100v amp.

Now is it just a case of disconnecting the transformer (as I don't believe it has an 8ohm setting as they sell a normal Control 23 for that.) or is it not that simple? I don't really want to have to purchase another amp just for them.




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It *should* be that simple. Best to pop them open and check they both use the same drive unit.



<---- Ignore the last bit. I didn't spot that one set were 25s and the other 23s.




The 23 is identical to the 23T minus the transformer.

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