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Identify a light FOS 4 by FLY.

Richard CSL

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I have been offered these lights for my show , and wondered if anybody out there has ever seen or heard of them.




They are italian and are called FOS 4 by FLY.


they have 12 channels of control, and the most unusuar method of gobo rotation I have ever seen. double offset prism barrel that rotates instead of the gobo.




these appear to be about 10 years old, but in reasdonable shape they are a 1200 watt scanner, with a convection barrel fan for lamp cooling.

thay also have 10 volt control sockets like the clay paky scans.


they have green led test lamps for each channel. not sure how they work.


my problem is that there is no manual and the head I saw working seems to be stuck in blackout while move mode, no idea how to undo this, any help appreciated

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I don't know the fixture, but when you get your hands on one to control, then you'll have a vague idea as to what the attributes are. Let's have a guess...


It should definitely have....




Gobo wheel

Gobo rotation

colour wheel



6 channels


For 12 channels, it should definitely have fine pan and fine tilt channels.

For a 1200w fixture it should have an effects wheel and possibly have another gobo wheel (static)


So that's now up to 10 channels



The other channels could be anything though: effects rotation, macros, seperate dimmer and strobe channels, mechanical focus, iris....




One thing's for sure... They are going to be HEAVY beasts!!!

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Umm Google: "FOS 4" FLY




Manual for FOS3 : http://www.maxtec.it...0rel%203_11.zip

DMX Channels etc : http://www.thelightm...y_fos4_ita.html


They look good, seems to have no prism and what does the "3D Emulator via a Frame" do?



I have just finished downloading that manual, it covers the FOS4 as well.



etc etc

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ive never seen one of these in the flesh, but do remember them being on the fixture list of my first proper moving light desk, the Compulite Animator, nearly 15 years ago[/color]






Lampe Source : 1200w HMI

Beam Angle : 8-32° Zoom

Iris : Yes

Strobe : Yes

Colour Wheel : 3 5-Color Filters

2nd Colour Wheel : No

Colour Mixing : Yes (RGB)

Effects Wheel : 2 CTC, 3 Fixed plus Variable Frost

Fixed Gobos : 15 over 2 Wheels*

Rotating Gobos : Optical 3D Gobo Rotation**

Prism : No

Remote Focus : Yes

Remote Lamp Strike : Yes

Hot Restrike : No

Weight : 33kg

Size : 1250 x 450 x 340mm

Power Consumption : 8A @ 230VAC

8/16 Bit : 12 Bit

DMX Channels : 12

*Wheel 2 is Interchangeable with Optional Animation Disk


**FOS 4 Features a 3D Emulator via a Frame Sequencer Optional Fixed Slide Holder Available


Moderation: Edited so it was possible to read what you had written - please write in black!! Thanks, Anna (mods)

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the output beam of light goes through 4 offset mirrors all at 45 degrees. this tunnel for the light output is motorised thus allowing rotation of the gobo. Also the output beam goes through a single motor virtically mounted with a box arrangement wioth an open lid , this acts as a dual sided beam chopper ie the shutter.


So some radically different methods of doing things. I liked both of them because of their simplicity.

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