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Titan simulator + Avo Visualiser


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Was using pearl 2004 but now downloaded the titan sim but can't seem to get it to work.


I use the VL 2000 in 14 DMX mode.



On the visualiser I choose the VL and set it to DMX 1.


On the simulator I patch in the VL to channel 1. I then select the fixture.


I set the visualiser to 'simulator' mode. I try to bring the dimmer up on the pearl and in the little screen it says channel 1 should be at FL. but nothing happens on the visualiser.


Am I making a really stupid error here?


Last time it worked fine, do I need to somehow link the visualiser and sim or should it do it automatically?


EDIt Can't get the pearl 2004 to work now.


I think it's something to do with the visualiser. Either that or I'm making a really nooby error

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Vis is built into Titan. While you can run it separately it is easier just to open it as a workspace. How you do this depends on which platform you are simulating but the manual for the relevant console will explain. Once open select the vis workspace and check 'auto-update' is enabled in the context menu - this should be the default. When you patch fixtures it will automatically place them ready to use. This will also work for already patched fixtures although you may have to enable auto=update, close and then reopen vis to take effect.
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Thanks mate got it working.


Finding the touch wing a bit difficult to use, although im sure I will learn in time.


Is there a better visualiser you could reccomend? That will work with the titan simulator on my laptop.


I normally have the sim on my laptop and the visualiser on my tv, but avo vis is only really good for colour and beam movement

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It's true that it is not exactly photo-realistic! Does the job for programming but no good to see how it might actually look. There are plenty of good visualisers but non of them are free. If you search here you'll find loads of info. At the moment I think Light Converse is the best value. ESP Vision best quality. WYSIWYG if you want integrated CAD and paperwork. While it will work most people will run visualisation on a separate machine because they are so demanding (and useful to have another screen). Connect to all (remote or local) by Artnet.


If you need help with the software you might want to use the Avo Forum for more detailed questions.

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