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Position of Lighting in School Hall


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I am working on a project that includes the provision of a stage lighting system to a school hall. The client wants a "10m lighting barrel" with 12 no. 650W lanterns linked to a dimmer. I assume what they mean is a metal tube at ceiling level which the lanterns will be clamped to. Due to time constraints I would like to know if there is an optimum position for location of the lanterns in regards distance from the stage so as we can prepare the cable ways during phase 1 (i.e. very shortly) and procure the system during phase 2.




Hall dimensions are: length 15m; width 10.5m; height 4.2m.


Any recommendations for providers/installers of stage lighting systems would be appreciated.

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For this purpose drawing a cross section through the length of the hall including the stage, putting a protractor at the eye level of a performer and reading off 45 deg would give you a point on the ceiling as good as anywhere else - plus or minus 2m. But as I suspect others will say one IWB is a bit limiting even for a standard hall installation. For that reason if you can afford it I'd install 30 radials instead of 10 at this stage with terminations at around that point and 10 on both sides of the ceiling with enough play to allow extra IWBs either parallel with the one you outline or lengthways along the line of the side walls. I'd also take up three data cables to the same points and a potential 13 amp feed too. If you're already paying for the labour this is the time to future proof the job with a bit extra on materials. Oh yes and you may not be be able to suspend the equipment from just where you want to - I can think of several halls where the location of the IWBs is determined by the location of the beams!


I would urge you to call in a specialist supplier. I don't know of any firms in the NE but AJS at Ringwood provide a UK wide service and prepare full schemes for potential clients and they are also approved suppliers for many counties too. (Other firms are available!) Although they do full installation work I have no doubt they'll connect up to wiring put in 'by others' provided it's to the right spec. Their website www.ajs.co.uk seems to be working very slowly this pm but a glance through it will give you some idea of the hardware available.

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Hi Stuart,


An interesting project you're working on there, I thought I'd get involved in this discussion to introduce our company and see how we can help you with this project!


I work for a company called Stagecraft Technical Services, based in Porton near Salisbury in Wiltshire. We're specialists in hire, sale and permanent installation of lighting, sound, staging, audio visual equipment and much more. You can find out more about us on our website at www.stagecraft.co.uk or you can email me personally at christopherr@stagecraft.co.uk and I'll be happy to help out as much as I can.


We've worked on a lot of education projects in the past, and we've got a few case studies on our website which highlight the sorts of things we can do, and we're hoping to add further case studies soon. Since the company formed in 2008, schools have been key customers for us and we can appreciate the importance of budgets and safety within these environments.


Hopefully you'll find some info on the site that can help, but feel free to get in touch if you'd like to ask some more questions or find out a little more about us and what we do.


Hope to hear from you soon,


Chris Robinson

Marketing Assistant

Stagecraft Technical Services

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