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custom built stage


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Can anyone point me in the right direction for a custom built (timber stage sections) timber construction stage?



Specs are:


  • 5 meter diameter circular stage with 12ft square centre (so can be used as a square or a complete circle)
  • portable sections
  • timber construction to hold up to 20 people at once
  • 'lockable' sections
  • approx 400mm height
  • with portable semi-circular steps







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Impact in MK also have several diameters of circle Litedeck hire and could sell you whatever you want in Litedeck.


Not many people are making custom wooden stages anymore (except for one off jobs) the standard is Litedeck or Steeldeck.

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if it really has to be constructed in timber, then any half decent scenic construction company could do this. There are many in London, you would be spoiled for choice. But I'm interested in the reasons for specifying an all-timber construction? The only advantage I can think of is perhaps fewer components? but otherwise I tend to agree with the others who've posted so far that the modular systems offer the simplest way of meeting your needs.
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Not forgetting Alistage in Harlow; http://www.alistage.co.uk/alistage_stage_systems_stage_shapes_and_sizes.shtml


However any decent carpentry/joinery workshop would build you a custom made wooden version based on the same principles as Lite/Steel/Ali decking.


As interested to discover why wooden rather than system as everyone else.

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