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Sagitter Moving Spot 250

Ashley R

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Ive come across some Sagitter Moving Spot 250's for sale, and was after peoples opinion's of them. Are they a decent build, noisy, any expected problems etc. etc.


I realise that these units are the same as a Futurelight MH660, which was built by robe, so I would expect it to be fairly decent on the quality side of things. But then again they will be 10+ years old I think.


They would be going into a hire stock, so could be thrown into any possible situation from theater to a club rave.


Also in my Google wanderings I've noticed that there is mention of these things taking a MSD 200 lamp, can I directly put in a MSD 250 (or a MSD 250/2) without having to swap any components, or upgrade fans? Or do I need to start fiddling with them to get them to accept a MSD 250 lamp?


Thanks all


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They must have the same lamp as they were designed for.


I do know people who interchange the 200 and 250 willy-nilly but the official answer is no.


In any case, if you get a 250w to strike in a 200w fixture, it will, at best, act like a 200. The ballast is what sets the lamp current. Likewise a 200W in a 250W fixture will be over run.

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Well, I bought them.


The seller said they are loaded with MSD 250 lamps, But I have seen in other fixtures as you describe people putting a MSD 250 in a place designed for a MSD 200.


Is there any way to tell which is the right lamp that is meant to be in the things from looking at the components inside?


And If I wanted to put a MSD 250 in there then I would have to most likely upgrade the ballast and the cooling arrangements?

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