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TOA VP-1240A


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We've been asked to install a UHF microphone system on a Toa VP-1240A PA amplifier. I'm guessing this amplifier is 20+ years old and googling only returns the VP-1240B. Does anyone know the difference between a 1240A and a 1240B?


Looking at the specs of the 1240B, it appears that the priority channel function will only work with hard wired "press to talk" microphones which activates the mute circuit, as opposed to by detecting a signal on the prioity input channel. This is of course not ideal, as using a UHF transmitter, I can't think of a way to mute the BGM channel.


Any comments from actualy experience with either the 1240A or B would be appreciated.





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I have had the same issue in the past, I can't remember the amplifier model or brand but that it only had a PTT override.


I overcame this by utilising a rack-mount mixer with ducking facility and running the BGM and Mic through that before entering the amp. Job sorted, just a bit more expensive than the customer was hoping.


Hopefully someone on here will have experience of this TOA amp and will be able guide you to the built in facility.

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