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Which Fog Fluid and Smoke Machine to use?


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Iv run a search on here and can't quite find what im looking for.


I want to achieve the effect of having rising cloudy smoke from the stage into the grid but without it lingering around for too long and turning into a haze. At the minute the plan is to duct the smoke through about 7 vents (made to look like drain covers) to get the effect but I dont know what smoke machine and fluid is right for the job.


Iv been looking around and the best the manufactures describe their fluid is either Long, Medium or fast dispersing fluid. This means nothing unless I start buying all the different fluids and testing them my self so see the length of time they stick around for but I dont really have time to do that. I think the smoke needs to last around 60 seconds before it starts to 'disperse'.


Any advise on what fluids and smoke machines I should be looking at would be greatly appreciated.




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I've used both Le Maitre Quick and Extra Quick in Le Maitre machines and I think either would do what you want. The variable is venue temperature - it can make a big difference to dispersal time.
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I have used the Unique Viper with the quick dispersal fluid in quite a few different theatres across the UK and I would say the smoke lasted for only 10 - 15 seconds. Depending on where you are based you could go down to 'White Light' and ask for a demo would only take a few mins and am sure they'd do it for a sale and a hire.
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Both the Viper and LeMaitre machines work well for that effect. The key is the right fluid, which has been mentioned for both machines.

To help get the fog "moving", look at the Megaburst from Ultratecfx. It attaches to the front of the machine and uses air pressure to push the fog out quicker. Coupled with the right fluid, and you should be set.

Just an FYI:

Le Maitre - Machines are more reasonably priced, as is the fluid, but the machines need more maintenance than the Look Solutions (Viper)

Look Solutions- Great machines(more expensive, less maintenance), but the fluid is more expensive as well.

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