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Guards Guards Costume & Props


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HI Guys,

A bit of a multiple problem topic I'm afraid. The am dram group that I am part of are looking to do Guards Guards in October 2012 and because of the advance planning that we have in place I wanting to try and source the "problems" with a minimal amount of money, we've got time and a willingness to hunt around so hoping this will help keep the budget minimal!!!! Anyways the problem items are:


An orang-utan costume for the librarian, possibly look at making this, so patterns as well as whole costume hire/beg/borrow ideas would be excellent.

4x Back and breast plate armour for the guards - any and all ideas welcome


I'm sure that there will be a few more before the show goes on but these are the main issues for the minute!


Many thanks, Matt/Seith

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IIR they give a suggestion of the librarian of using the orang-utan foundation.


And having spoken with Stephen about Guards Guards and saw it being done, they use the RSC, the price is actually not that bad at all having used them before.

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