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ZerOS Remote

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The problems you were facing on the iPhone App are now fixed, yes! We'd be interested to hear your thoughts on ZerOS 6 once you've used it for a few days.


We are posting an update-per-day to our twitter feed @orbdesk going through new features of ZerOS 6.0.0.


These could be useful to all users of ZerOS consoles, including the Leap Frog 48&96 and Frog 2.

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To accompany the ZerOS 6.0.0 release, ZerOS Remote 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad has just been released in the App Store.


The new release adds support for using an iPad as a remote monitor to the consoles, adds an ‘images loading’ popup during the loading phase and includes general performance enhancements.

UK Link - £5.99

US Link - $9.99


We are currently running a promotion on twitter to give you the chance to win a free copy of the remote. For more information, please follow us @ORBdesk.

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