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Green Ginger Micropak 2.4


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I have two Green Ginger Micropak 2.4, 6 channel dimmer racks that have served me well for a number of years.


Recently one rack produced a lot of smoke when one of the suppression capacitors failed.


Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement value and supplier?


I shall change all the capacitors in both racks before using either of them again.


Many thanks in anticipation






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Opening up one of the failed units it would appear there are two different groups of suppression capacitors.


Each channel has a pair of yellow rectangular capacitors mounted near the triacs. They are about 25mm x 15mm x 8mm. Markings are moulded and now indistinct but I eventually managed to clean one of them and read "0.22u/250v~X2"


At the end of the rack where the power comes in there are a further three capacitors (one for each phase as this rack can be wired in three pairs of two dimmers) and it is one of these that has failed.


This is where the damage has been done on the faulty rack and it is all a horrible sticky mess in that one. It is a lot better inside the working rack.


The capacitors are blue - have rounded edges and are sized at about 30mm x 20mm x 10mm. Scraping the dust and grime off one of them revealed 0.47/250v. There was other smaller writing now obscured.


It may be that you have helped me to answer my own question or at least part of it. Any suggestions as to modern replacements and suppliers?


Many thanks






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