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Urgent Radio Mic Hire - Leicester


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Hi all,

I have been frantically looking for a couple of radio mic's (body packs with either lapel microphones or any type of head worn gear) that I can hire for next week (20th - 24th). I have already checked all my normal local hire companies (in Leicester) and they have all theirs out currently. Its a usual last minute school decision for a show they are running. They also need to be outside the free (channel 70?) band as they are already using 4 of their in house radios.


Does anyone by any luck have a couple or know of a company that does around Leicester?


I did find this site with a very quick Google that is based in London and says that they can send via courier but I am worried as its literally giving money to a company that I have never used before, plus it's not my money that I am spending! Link: http://www.radiofacilities.com/#/radio-mic-hire/4519693962


Thanks in advanced.

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