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A sheet of smoke. Ideas?


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Hi there,


I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to create a small, continuous sheet of smoke. The best I have done so far was to create a box with a slit in it and place a number of incense sticks underneath so the smoke comes through the slit. Obviously this low-tech solution didn't work so well. The smoke that came through the slit was quite uneven etc. Ideally I would like to be able to achieve an even slit of smoke about 6 inches long.


Any ideas would be much appreciated!



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Something like any of these of any use?






Edit: I missed the bit about the 6" length (oo-er) so that lot may all be on the large side for you, however if you have the budget then I'm sure those guys could supply you with something a tad more custom.


On further thought.


Big Tupperware styleee plastic box, filled with ice, with a 6" slit cut out the bottom, and with a smoke machine fired into it...


Might be worth a try if you are after something a touch more budget.






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You need to create a laminar airflow. This is how the commercial products costing tens of thousands work. I built one a few years ago. One of my students built one this year.


On a small scale this is pretty straightforwards. Build a 'flow converter' by sticking hundreds of short lengths of drinking straw together. You then force air from below at the correct flow rate, inject the smoke in the middle (maybe a narrow smoke pipe with lots of holes; this could be upstream or downstream of the flow converter although it does alter the way it works) and there you go.


Google "Reynolds number" to find out how to calculate the length of the straw, diameter and required flow rate.


If you want to go bigger then the hard part is finding a suitable material for the flow converter without spending months gluing straws together.

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