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I think this has been done before, and a google on the Blue Room will give lots of answers. My favourite SFX replay software is Show Cue System - It's very powerful and has excellent support but it's not free!



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I'm currently using ShowCueSystem for all our needs.


It's a cheaper version of the Pro softwares out there, perfect for amateur or semi-pro needs.


Most shows that come through our Theatre use either QLAB or CSC, however I know that Bill Kenwright Co (Agatha Christie) use Show Cue System exclusively.



I even made a control surface for it, out of a Korg NanoPad (discussed in another thread here somewhere)





Simple and cheap!


Current price is £94, including 12-month update plan.

I paid £23 for my NanoPad.



(In case you're wondering, the PANIC button is a 2 second 'Fade all playing cues' Hotkey.)

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