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Dry Ice (CO2) suppliers


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I am SURE that we had a topic here where someone (I think not too far from me) gave a supplier of CO2 at a pretty fair price, but I'll be darned if I can find it...


The place I used to use (now Univar) just down't road from us doesn't keep any stocks these days, and ordering in can take a few days. Not much good when you realise you need it NOW (as the director realises that the boom in ticket sales this last week means she can justify some extra expense!).


So - any suggestions?

PM would be useful as I'll be away from the PC soon, but will get notifications by e-mail that way.

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second vote for www.dryiceuk.com, but it is a couple of years since I have bought any dry ice so I cant comment on their current service.


Ive now invested in a Le Maitre freezefog pro, which is better on every conceivable level than dry ice - if nothing else it costs very little to have a couple of bottles of liquid Co2 sitting there for spur of the moment use.

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Thanks for all the replies, guys.

In the end, due to time (and delivery) constraints I pretty much concluded it wasn't worth the effort and extra expens. Shame, as I do like a good bit of CO2..


As for the chilled smoke options, I've never found one yet that comes ANYWHERE near the effect that dry ice will always deliver. No matter what fluid you use, there will ALWAYS be a fair proportion of smoke that heats up enough to rise, and potentially obliterate the stage. So I'm sorry csg, but I can't accept that ANY product can qualify as being "better on every conceivable level than dry ice "...


Just my opinion of course.

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Fair enough, naturally you are perfectly entitled to your opinion.


Until I had used the freezefog , I would have agreed with you 100 %. It is the only machine that I have used that manages to keep the fog where it is meant to be without rising or ambient hazing. Even for dance etc.


For applications where the fog is literally being forced upwards by dancers etc I use a very quick dispersing fluid that dissipates within 20 seconds of being emitted. That way, it is indistinguishable from the real thing, but the coverage area will be smaller ( although a good deal greater than a pea souper, provided that you have a G300 running into the freezefog.


If you are ever passing Bedford and fancy a demo, im more than happy to fire it up in my unit, complete with very sensitive smoke alarms, and you can run around in the fog to your hearts content!

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