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speaker cones


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I gues what I mean is un-wanted/lieing around collecting dust, for the purpose of original experiments (making one float on a helium filled weather balloon) not working is fine, but eventually we will need working cones......do you have one or two or more that fit into any of these catagories??




but no not new, older the better...

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well we still need them too work so im asuming the metal frame and magnet have something to do with making noise from them??? please correct me if im wrong!!


Yes - the frame and magnet are fundamental to the cone actually producing any noise at all. Unless you obtain standalone cones untended for repairing broken speakers, (or cut some out of existing units) you will not get a "standalone" cone. If you need the loudspeaker to work, it has to have the frame and magnet, and in many circumstances the enclosure as well...

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