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bolted rings to G-clamp lighting to


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Currently we hang each 40kg light off the ceiling where the lights hanging plate is double bolted to the ceiling.. this plate then has 4 alan keybolts which then attach to the light itself...

this ceiling is 9m up and with a scaff tower thats slightly to short it is never an easy job to drop these light fixtures using the alan keybolts

im wondering if we were to double G-clamp the hanging plate is there any sort of standard hanging ring that we can bolt to the ceiling

making hanging and dropping these lights alot easier





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How about...


Two of these fixed to the ceiling...




...with a couple of these bolted to them...




...with a short length of scaff between them.


Then you could use a pair of standard hook clamps...




...fixed to your lanterns.


Or even trigger clamps...



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