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TMA subsidised rep rates

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Those rates are out of date.

The list I have here is dated August 2004 and is rates for 2005


Some like the subsistence payments at £83 are unchanged


performer/asm at 300/325

dsm at 375/406.25

sm at 420/455

csm at 450/487.50


these are the normal minimum



Book cover payment usually negotiable, but from my experience rare.


you may be able to wangle the understudy payment (18.13 per perf) with a kind csm and understanding management



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Yes, I'm fairly certain you won't get extra for book cover outside of commercial theatre. And, to be honest, most companies in commercial pay the same to book cover and non book cover alike - the basis of that being that the non book covers tend to have additional responsibilites anyway - i.e. sound no 3 cover or carpentry duties, tech asm duties, prop responsibilities etc etc... At the end of the day, everybody is expected to cover someone: the sm covers the cm, the dsm covers the sm...


There's also the fact that a lot of reps don't have an official bookcover. Exceptions tend to be shady independent producers using the sub rep contract because it might involve paying less than the provincial commercial rate!

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