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Harness dealers near glasgow


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Web Rigging Services in Edinburgh, Do Petzl and C.A.M.P gear, I've got a Petzl but having had a look at the C.A.M.P it looks like good gear, it's lighter than the Petzl and about £50 cheaper. It's what the guys that paint the Forth Bridge use.

You can find them at;


23 West Harbour Road





Tel; 0131 551 2211


Oh and they'll do your yearly inspections for you.

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hi there you should look at go outdoors there is one near you in coatbridge they do harnesses usually quite cheap


Go Outdoors are fine for sport climbing harnesses but are unlikely to sell a proper full body harness.


Being honest, everyone wears the Petzl Nevaho so you may as well just go on the web and buy one, they only come in 2 sizes so just choose the one which fits you.


Recommend getting the FAST model if you can afford it, a lot easier to put on particularly if wearing safety footwear.

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