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Strand 500 Series Training

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Hiya all,


Anyone know of anyone who provides Starnd 500 series training in the South West (Bristol, but dont mind travelling to surrounding areas). All of the starnd stuff is in London which is OK if there is no other option but it would be better if there was course closer to here.





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"Bristol Behemoth of the lighting industry" Thats a very personal opinion, but still worth having a chat with them as to if they can offer training.


Have you contacted Strand UK and asked about the training they could offer and if they have anyone down your way that can do it? if not then worth asking...

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  1. Something enormous in size or power.

  2. often Behemoth A huge animal, possibly the hippopotamus, described in the Bible.


They're big, and they're from Bristol. No opinion contained.


Tongue very slightly in cheek, too... ;)

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Sorry to dissapoint you Bryson but I am aware of the definition for Behemoth


Yes Stagelx may well be reasonably big compared to some companies and from Bristol, but ( personally ) wouldnt class them as particularly powerful...


Altho comparing them to a huge animal, namely a hippo is quite an interesting suggestion I must admit!



And still to keep this topic on topic, I still suggest it worth contacting them, as well as Strand UK and seeing what your options are...

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