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Can anyone recommend a good seamstress....


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Hello all,

I'm on the search for someone to make me a couple of new bespoke clown suits. I've asked 6 people now if they can help and so far, I've bought material for 2 and nothing ever came back, 2 have ignored me and never came back, 1 doesnt have email and lives in Yorkshire and does EVERYTHING face2face and the last one has a 2 year waiting list. So if you know anyone, College, Uni or already working, wanting a couple of jobs it could lead to more. I've just taken over as the International and Overseas Director for the World Clown Association, who knows? there make be more people wanting bespoke Clown Costumes.

Thanks for reading


Andy the Clown




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It strikes me that a quick starting point would be the Lowestoft Players, I'm sure they'd pass your request to the people they have who produce theirs. I do know a good one who lives in Norwich, but she's currently out on tour, and if you get stuck, Great Yarmouth College have a pretty decent fashion and textiles department and might have somebody who's graduated. If you get stuck, PM me and I'll pass on contact names.


Other than that, Gorleston Theatre Company did Barnum a while ago, and I'm pretty sure all the clown costumes were done by one lady who 'belongs' to them - again, I can pass on a contact or two.


On a totally different subject - is there a male equivalent to seamstress? Seamaster seems somehow wrong?

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Never let me down at short notice, in strange places and strange requests but do expect to pay the proper rate for the job.


You could try Andrew Pieri, also in Cardiff, who is a bespoke gents tailor but has extensive experience in making suits for entertainers. Also not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

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