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Vista V2 Software

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Dear All,

FYI Jands have announced the release of their long awaited Vista V2 software. Its available as a free download from Jands Vista


This new software has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It does continue the Vista tradition of being completely visual but also adds the ability to program using a command line if required, it also adds true support for media servers (including downloading thumbnails via CITP) This release hugely enhances existing features and adds a whole host of new ones allowing the console to be used at the simplest level or indeed to be used at a very complex level.


Please feel free to download and have a play with the software it is fully functional however will black out periodically for 5 seconds without a Vista USB dongle.

If you have any questions then please post here or contact me directly at AC.


Best Regards


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Hi Andy,


I have some questions that I hope you can answer...


You say the desk now has CITP, does that mean it is now up and working with Hippo, Catalyst and Arkaos? How many universes can the desk output and via what protocols? Is there now a command line and if there is what sort of commands are accomplishable from there?


Never thought I would hear my self say this... But can I get a demo of a T2 running Byron at some point? 1-1? Please PM me if this is possible.



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To answer some questions.

Mr Steve - Yes the upgrade is free to V1 users, your dongle will work with V2.


The console does work with All of the major media servers on the market including the ones mentioned below. It has been for quite a while. The desk at present outputs 16 universes via DMX or Artnet or Pathport.

As I said in my first email yes it does have command line. the commands are things like fixture 1 Thru 10 @full Store list 6 Time 5/6 etc etc.



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Jands Vista 2.2.11191

Release date April 2013


New features in this version include:

• Implemented a "Show Clean Up" function. It cleans up presets, fixture selections, redundant/hidden cue events.

• Updated the GUI for multi-element selection modes

• Arm and jump has been reverted to it's older and better implementation

• Added a view fixture selection button to the Smart FX GUI

• Byron statistics window has been updated to have more detail for performance logging

• Added User Preference "Inhibit Fader Jitter" to eliminate fader jitter seen on some consoles.

• Allow users to change the "Fader Action Threshold" all the way to zero

• Added support for "priority" to the sACN implementation


for Software and full release notes please visit


Vista Download page


Any questions, please feel free to contact me,



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