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Act 6+ Channels Failing


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I have several Strand ACT 6 + dimmer packs(analogue). The ones with the fuseholders along the bottom. I have been using them with a light processor demux unit. One by one channels started flickering on and off at random, and now most of these packs are unuseable. I have also some Strand ACT 6 packs(with the fuseholders along the right hand side), and these ones behave perfectly (with the same demux).

I am wondering is it the light processor, although I cant see how it would be or just a very strange coincidence? It all happened during a show, by the end of the show, I had lost control of quite a few channels.

I recently bought another ACT 6 + on EBAY and could not believe it when it started to do the same.

Anyone have any ideas?

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