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Laser effects with projectors


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I've saw someone about 18months ago using a projector like a laser (same sort of effects) which was made possible via this piece of software he was using...... does anybody know what this software is ?




Clive Davie at Laser Electronics is your man - V3D


Link below



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Can't help with software to simulate German lasers, but the cryptically named Laser Sim might be what you're looking for.


That link looks pretty cool, although how do you connect a DMX source to a projector? I checked out the USBDMX link but the output on the box is DMX. Bit useless unless you can get projectors with DMX connectors on them!

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That's right. A PC runs the Laser Sim application: its graphics card outputs to the video projector.

Control is achieved either by feeding Art-Net data to that PC, or by equipping it with the USB dongle.

The dongle linked to does support DMX input - take a look at the schematic. The kits sold from that website don't bring the input out onto an external connector.

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