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Act 6+ Fuseholder


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Not easily available Brian - hence the snag. I know they were smashed, but the first time I'll get to actually 'touch' them is the day I hoped to be able to fix them, which is tricky. Maplin and RS have similar looking holders that would probably 'do' - but one useful feature would be being able to swap the holder from one carrier from one channel to another - which won't be possible if the pattern is slightly different. At worst, I'll have to make a special journey - but was hoping to avoid it if I could.


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I *think* I've got some from some ACT's I broke down for bits a while back. I'm going down the store shortly; I'll take a look.




I'm not sure if these are from ACT6 or ACT6+....




They are Schurter FEC fuseholders.

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We also have some broken fuses in our Act6 Portable rack.. does anyone make these holders anymore?

The Schurter FEC range, is still current product.


When ordering you need to order the body separately from the fuse carrier.



Body, Schurter p/n 0031.1631, Farnell p/n 1651783

Carrier, Schurter p/n 0031.1613, Farnell p/n 1608341



Body, Schurter p/n 0031.1631, Mouser p/n 693-0031.1631

Carrier, Schurter p/n 0031.1613, Mouser p/n 693-0031.1613



Body, Schurter p/n 0031.1631, Digikey p/n 0031.1631-ND

Carrier, Schurter p/n 0031.1613, Digikey p/n 0031.1613-ND3


I can't check RS as their site is down.

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