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Sun rise effect


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Hi all,


Just wondered if someone could tell me the best way to achieve a sun rise effect using very basic equipent it for a school proformance and the budget is VERY limited, think I have a £10 to do this effect :< But I already have a pale sheet backdrop and access to a follow spot, couple of spots, pars 56, profiles, etc, Anyone recommedn a way or maybe a gobo or somehting


thanks for the help





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I too will be doing a similar effect soon but in a church using a few p56s but it won’t be the best :D . You have a white backdrop and because of your low budget have you considered using a groundrow of lights with orange, yellows and maybe a few whites. This wouldn’t make a specific spot for a sun like you could create with a follow spot but if done correctly can make a stunning effect (well certainly sunset as I have worked on a show recently which did this not sure if it would be so effective for sun rise) For the ground row, floods work best, I think we used several coda flood battens (5 or 6 I think) with the filters slowly getting lighter as they moved into the centre of the sun.


Hope this is of help and I will think more on how you could do it with a follow spot. Would you want the sun to actually rise or just the colour of it? I not sure but I think a moving follow spot for a moving sun rise would look rather tacky.


Anyone else have any thoughts? ;)



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Step 1 - Get up early and watch a real sunrise.


First up, I'd not bother projecting an image of the sun itself; sunrise it about so much more than seeing the actual sun. As I write this, sunrise it actually happening outside my window. 20 minutes ago the sky was black with a few stars, 5 minutes ago the sky was a deep lavender with an amber horizon, and now the colours have gone paler and lighter. Still amber at the bottom and lavender at the top.


I don't expect to see the sun for a long while by which time the sky will be a bright pale blue and the day will be upon us.


Personally, I find looking 'at the real thing' is a great way to work out how to do an effect.



and here we are 20 minutes later, it's now what most people would think off as 'day' and the sun is still not visible.

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I spoke to james whiteside about a year ago now when my school was putting on calamity jane the musical. One of the main things I wanted to discuss with him was how he created the sunrise as can be seen Here.

If I remeber correctly he used a gobo (cant remeber the exact one im looking it up now) and a couple of profiles fanned on the side of the stage.


We couldn't get hold of the gobo's in time so we had to settle with 4 par 64's mounted next to the backdrop.


Hope thats of some help.



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I've done this before using the groundrows with pale blue (lavendarish), yellow, orange and darker blue. I've also used 4 cheap profiles (might've been par somethingarathers) with brightish yellow colours in them pointing at the cyc slighting higher than the last, in a arc shape. the round shape created by the lights allowed me to 'track' the sun around the cyc in time with the changing cyc colours.
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