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Got my EuroLite ML64 MultiPars


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I might be wrong but I believe that the tolerances are asymetrical as in something like 230v + 20% - 10%.


Of course the effect of that is it now seems like everything is built with a switched mode power supply capable of running from 100v -> 250v


Lovely clean mains that is going to produce.




Isn't it 230v +10% -6% ?


Edit: Which would make it 253 - 216.2 volts...

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The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002, which came into force on the 31st January 2003, replacing The Electricity Supply Regulations 1998, formally confirm the UK standardised supply voltage tolerances at 230V -6% to +10%.



Plans to harmonise the whole of Europe to 230V ±10% (i.e. 207 - 253V), which were due to be applied from 1st January 2003, have been postponed. Despite this postponement, any equipment intended for use anywhere in Europe and carrying the 'CE' mark will have to be capable of working over this wide range. Furthermore, the Institution of Electrical Engineers recommended in a 1996 report that for safety all electrical equipment needed to be tested across the range 230V +10% to -14%. This allowed for the lower and higher limits plus an allowance of 4% for voltage drops within the installation.


I stand corrected.

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Haven't played about with all the lenses yet, and they're certainly a fiddle to put in  (don't think I'd feel safe doing this with the lantern rigged),...More feedback to follow...


As a user of these multiPars, I found a special lens removal tool in the Terralec catalogue (I got mine there). It's a flat spring steel thing with prongs that hook behind the lens and push the spring back at the same time. The lens just pops right out and you could certainly do it one-handed up a ladder. About three quid. Terralec Part No. "MULTI-PT".


Trust this helps,



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OK, after some playing over the weekend.


{Moderation: Instructions about modifying the EuroLite MultiPar removed}


My LD partner was well impressed with the MultiPars, especially the way you could easily rotate the two flood lenses without sticking your hands in and burning them. Filter frame on these are 195x195 mm, but slim fit only.


The 650/1,000W DTS spots also impressed him too. He liked the smooth focus action, having experienced far worse with other makes. And approved of the focus ranges. And note that these are now only GBP51 from Thomann. Filter frame is 190x195mm and can accomodate 20mm of depth.

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