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Buying tickets aboard


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Found something interesting that I would like to share and open to discussion.

I'm off on holiday in Orlando in January and had a look if there were any concerts happening.

So after a quick search I have found that Keane are playing House of Blues. Quite like the band so I looked into prices.

Tickets $15 bit of a bargain with the exchange rate under a tenner, brilliant.

Then I went to book the tickets and found another couple or charges that I didn't expect. The first one was a $1 fee for a 'Building Facility Charge' - a new one to me. Next was the 'Convenience Charge' $5.95 - again not heard of this one before.

Finally there was the delivery charge which ranges from $2 to $19.95 per order.


So 3 x$15 tickets $45 plus maybe the $20.85 new charges then $2.50 delivery charges gives a grand total of $65.85.


Can anyone explain the odd charges? Is it just an American thing or is it something we have to look forward to in Britain?


A link so you can have a look Keane tickets

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