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Wire Rope


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The good news is yes, many people know, given enough info.


These people know.

As do these people.

And these people.

As do many others.


We're not trying to be unhelpful, but if you need a answer to a very specific question - especially if it's urgent, then try and a: give us all the appropriate info and b: don't expect us to be able to bring you up to speed in five minutes on a very complex subject.


Especially when it comes to hanging big heavy things above people.


Moderation. Moved to Rigging. "Teaser" title changed. Excessive capitals removed from Subtitle

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Ally bars? Steel bars? How many suspension points? 40 Minuettes or 40 Macs? SWL of grid?


Steel Bars, 9 Suspension Points, mixture of 40 minuettes, profiles, Quartets and sometimes the occasional Moving Light.

If you give that information to any of the rigging companies listed in Bryson's post, they'll be able to ask you any further questions they might need and can give you the right advice (and probably also sell you the hardware that you need).

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Eh Im no wording expert but I would drop the words technical and manager from your profile if you are going to continue asking the sorts of things youve asked here and in previous posts.


I think some people might not accept your title?

I may be wrong I have been before, many times.

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