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Just a quick note. I've looked through this topic and combined everyones comments into one long thread. If you'd like to see any additions, please PM me and I'll add books or comments as necessary. The links go to Amazon, via our affiliates account - any purchases you make will help fund the Blue Room.


Stage Management


Stage Management - Gail Pallin



covers almost everything in a very practical way - Fiona


Stage Management and Theatre Administration - Hawkins and Menear



good for schedule examples - Fiona


Stage Management - a gentle art - Daniel Bond



informative for new students - Fiona

It had some quite useful expliantion of flying systems which I used to help explain flying to a few newbies. Good synopsis of all the roles in the theatre - sam.henderson


Stage Management - Lawrence Stern



a good read, once students are aware of the different stage management roles usually found in the UK. It's an American book, so the roles outlined are different, but the book covers every task that could ever possibly be associated with stage management, however loosely - James C


StageCraft - Trevor Griffiths



It covers all aspects, so is not specific for SM or LX - Suzette


The Backstage Guide to Stage Management (Second Edition) - Thomas A. Kelly



Great Stage Management book for beginners and the slightly more advanced - sam.henderson


Musical Theatre Choreography - Robert Berkson



Good Book for an introduction to choreography in the Theatre. May help Stage Managers brorden there knowledge. Thats why I read it! - sam.henderson
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The Stage Lighting Handbook (6th Edition) - Francis Reid


None Yet


Stage Lighting, the Art, the Craft, the Life - Richard Pilbrow


The Bible - Surely - Fiona

It's enormous and wins the prize for most pretentious title ever. But it's very very good - Bryson

undoubtedly fascinating, but can be a little nebulous sometimes - Tom Baldwin


Stage Lighting Design. A practical guide - Neil Fraser


Good basic insight to equipment - Fiona


Devised and Collaborative Theatre - Bicat and Baldwin


for working off script.. - Fiona


Light Fantastic: The Art and Design of Stage Lighting - Max Keller


less of a how-to book - Roboxley

some gorgeous production photos - Brian



Stage Lighting for Theatre Designers - Nigel Morgan


basic introduction - Roboxley

"Stage Lighting for Theatre Designers by Nigel Morgan" is a must?? - loopyloo

One of the best lighting books I have read. Some books have a nice flash cover with the new XN Turnip moving spot TM on the cover but inside the book is just a reprint of a 1970 edition - Thirdtap


Lighting for Romeo and Juliet - John Offord

a very good 'Why' book as opposed to a 'How' book. A great insight into the thinking process of design


A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting - Steven Louis Shelley


a very good 'Why' book as opposed to a 'How' book. A great insight into the thinking process of design


A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting - Steven Louis Shelley

very much focused on the practical details of lighting, from creating and scoping a design, right through to performance. It's very clearly and calmly written, with a slightly dry, understated style, for example on blackouts during plotting while others are working on the stage:

"If it's necessary to see a fade to black, announce to the stage that this is about to happen, and wait for clearance from the onstage personnel. Anyone who can't contend with darkness at that moment will give you their opinion regarding your intent". He's not wrong... :) - Tom Baldwin


Stage Lighting Step by Step - Graham Walters


Good Lighting book for beginners- I must stress definetly for beginners! - sam.henderson


Lighting Technology: A Guide for the Entertainment Industry - Brian Fitt & Joe Thornley


I found many answers to questions I didn't even know I was asking in it. It's a bit hefty for the beginner, but its packed full of useful info - 730 doors
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Basics - A Beginners Guide to Stage Lighting - Peter Coleman


Comments - For the beginner, or someone who really only needs to know the basics there is a new book by Peter Coleman. I have a copy in my kit to loan to people who show an interest - Ellis


The Automated Lighting Programmers Handbook - Brad Schiller


Comments - Very good book, explains a lot and has quite a funky diary from when he did the Olympics - Techno_Monkey

Well worth a read - some interesting tips and ideas - Peter


Institution of Electrical Engineers On-site Guide to BS 7671: On-site Guide to 17th Ed (IEE Wiring Regulations)


Comments - Revised to 17th Edition



The Sound Reinforcement Handbook - Gary Davis & Ralph Jones


Comments - None Yet


Live Sound Reinforcement - Hunter-Sark


Comments - None Yet


Theatre Sound - John Leonard


Comments - John is one of the best known designers in London, having worked for the National theatre and a host of West End shows - Bobbsy


Sound Design In The Theatre - John Bracewell




Comments - Hard to get now, but probably the "bible" for professional designers - Bobbsy


Audio Made Easy - Ira White


Comments - This one is at a VERY basic level for beginners, but what engineering there is is accurate and it serves as a decent primer - Bobbsy

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Architecture, Actor & Audience - Iain Mackintosh





Entertainment Rigging - Harry Donovan



Click here.



Comments:I can't recommend this book highly enough. - Seano



Stage Rigging Handbook - Jay Glerum




Comments:An excellent book covering traditional theatrical rigging techniques. (But not dealing with chainhoists at all - for that you need Chris Higgs or Harry Donovan.) - Seano



An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry (Applications & Techniques) - Chris Higgs





Reading Lists



Amazon Homepage

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Scenery: Draughting & Construction - John Blurton



Make Up (including Special Effects)


The Complete Make Up Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre - Penny Delamar


"meets the syllabus requirements for City and Guilds, Edexcel, ITEC, IHBC, CIBTAC and NVQ media make-up courses"


The Technique of the Professional Make-Up Artist - Vincent J.R. Kehoe


"A classic in its field since its original publication"


Stage Makeup Step by Step: The Complete Guide to Basic Makeup, Planning and Designing Makeup, Adding and Reducing Age, Ethnic Makeup, Special Effects, Makeup for Film and Television - Rosemarie Swinfield


Good customer feedback.


Period Make-up for the Stage (Stage & Costume) - Rosemarie Swinfield


"...In this text, basic stage make-up for men and women is described and illustrated clearly for white, Hispanic, Chinese, black and Asian skins..."


Special Effects Make-up: For Film and Theatre (Special Effects) - Janus Vinther


"...step-by-step guidelines for achieving a wide variety of grotesque and outlandish effects, including bullet holes, body fluids and burns."


Special Make-up Effects - Vincent Kehoe


"...concentrates on the genre of horror characters and other special creations..."


Men, Makeup and Monsters - Anthony Timpone


"Profiles Hollywood's "monster makers" who have worked on such films as "The Exorcist," "Night of the Living Dead," "Dick Tracy," and "From Dusk till Dawn"."

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Electrics Relevant To Backstage


Institution of Electrical Engineers Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment




...code of practice for the in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. It includes advice on compliance with health and safety legislation. The text specifies the frequency and scope of inspections and testing in different environments.


Institution of Electrical Engineers Guidance Note 3 to IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671: Inspection and Testing


A guide to electrical inspection and testing.


Institution of Electrical Engineers Electrical Maintenance (Code of Practice)


...provides guidance on the legal responsibilities as well as full technical support for technicians and electricians, including inspection and test requirements.

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