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High Speed Video camera suggestions


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If you need something faster than 60fps (and for pyro you might) I saw a demo of the SAMSUNG WB2000 on a TV technology news show about six months ago. It claims up to 1000fps video (but looking at a review, I gather there's a trade off between resolution and frame rate).


Other than seeing it on a consumer news show, I've not had any personal experience--but it might be worth checking it out.



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I have been using a Casio EX-FC100 ($250) for a while as my pocket camera and been quite happy with it.

Have a look, I recorded some fire dancers at night, only lit by fluorescent (I think) street lamps:




It's not real high-res, but 400x300 pixels isn't bad at 210 fps, and their newer models are getting better (backside-illuminated CMOS on the new EX-FH25 ($350) looks promising). It's a lot of fun to have on hand, too.

Good luck!

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