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pre-effects output on mixer


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The monitor outputs also have effect on them from the Alesis.


ALESIS INPUT goes to EFX SEND on Peavey

ALESIS OUTPUT goes to CH 13 L INPUT on Peavey


The only output I could find from the Peavey with no effect on was EFX SEND but this is already going to the Alesis.


Would it cause a problem if I split this output?

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Sorry, I mistakenly took the "Alesis" part in your original post to mean the inbuilt effects. If you have an external FX connected between EFX send and channel 13 (stereo input) and you are getting effects on mon 1 & 2 output, then you must have the monitor 1 and 2 sends turned up on channel 13/14? Presumably, you want reverb in these mixes?


To get an output that doesn't have reverb on it, you can indeed split the EFX send. However, for completeness, what are you going to do with this extra feed?



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We are trialing an internet radio system and while the reverb effect sounds good in the building over the radio it is causing a wierd 'digital' sound.


The supplier has asked us to use an audio feed with no effect on it.


"After listening to this during your transmission the issue appears to be caused by a digital ping from your effects unit. Please can you change the source audio source to a point pre-effects for test purposes for now"

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