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Thomann 36x3W LED Cans and Similar


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A heads up to anyone owning Thomann 36x3W LED cans and similar.


There is a design flaw on these units where the metal latch on the DMX input XLR can push/fall inside the lantern. Once in there it can then short out on the main PCB.


I've just had a unit repaired under warranty by Thomann for this fault ( it shorted out and killed the green channel PSU) and this morning I've just learned of another occurrence on a colleague's unit. A possible fix is to hot-melt glue the latch in place.


I suggest anyone owning these units takes a good look at them.

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Over the holiday period I was contacted by a member seeking clarification as to which connector I was talking about. As a picture is worth a thousand words...


The connector with the latch still in place...



The connector with the latch missing...



The latch...


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