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MagicQ Crashes Under Windows 7?


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Hi all,


Got a quick question for you!


I'm currently running a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (32 Bit) on my MacBook Pro, 4GB Ram with 2.8GHZ Core 2 Duo, under Boot Camp. I'm using an Enttec Open USB dongle. However, sometimes the software will just crash. It seems to do it at different times and I can't pinpoint one specific thing which is making it do it. Everything will be working fine and then all of a sudden I'll get no response from the software and then I'll see "Not Responding" appear in the title bar at the top of the window.


It also sometimes only shows as "Demo Mode" - I thought this was the 5 hour limitation version of the software? And this was only in place when you had a Magic DMX dongle? If you had any other type of dongle (such as the Magic DMX Pro or even an Enttec Dongle) then it would run in full mode?


It's the latest (windows) version of the software from their website.


Before anybody asks, the reason I'm not using the OS X version of the software is because the Enttec Open does not work with OS X.



Cheers all!




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Hi Tom,


As themadhippy says, the "Demo mode" is shown when you don't have one of our MagicQ USB Wings or interfaces connected. MagicDMX doesn't unlock the software like our USB Wings do, so you'll still see "Demo Mode" shown at the top. Plugging in a third party interface (e.g. the Enttec interface) definitely won't unlock it!


Have you reported the error you're having on our bug tracker at all, or have you sent any log files through to us already? If not, can you possibly turn the extended logging on (Setup > Settings > Hardware > Extended Logging), and see if you can reproduce the problem, and then make a new bug report on our website for this and we'll be able to have a look into it.

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