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SoundCraft Spirit Studio 32Channel HELP


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Hello. We have just pulled out a SoundCraft Spirit Studio 32Channel Sound Desk. I have found the CPS450/b power box that simply runs a kettel type lead to the mains, however it needs a 10pin lead to run from the power box to the desk. I cant find it anywere. Does anyone happen to know where I can find one? It would be brilliant if we could get it up and running again as it really is a very good desk, for its time anyway.




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A cable is available from Soundcraft (part no: RV 2068) - but if they have one available it will probably be quite expensive.


The 10 pin connectors are made by Hirose (Japan) - but compatible parts made by ITT are readily available from RS Components, so it will be easy to make one up.


I will happily provide further details - please send me a PM, or contact me via my Web site for quicker reply.

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